Forget Laas Maas! This Narangi Maas Recipe From Rajasthans Royal Family Is A Must-Try

Winter calls for fresh oranges, and we bet your fruit basket is overloaded with this sweet and juicy winter delight! How do you love having your oranges? Some would say it as is; some like fresh orange juice for breakfast, and then some enjoy the not-so-sweet ones with black salt and chilli powder. But have you ever tried making a proper meal with oranges? You heard that right. NDTV Food editor Shubham Bhatnagar came across ‘narangi maas’ on his recent trip to Rajasthan. It looked so unique and delicious that we tried replicating the dish at home, and let us tell you, you have never had anything like this before.

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About Narangi Maas: What Is The Origin Of Narangi Maas?

You surely have heard a lot about the much popular Rajasthani laal maas, safed maas, and jungli maas. All these dishes are associated with the Rajput royals of Rajasthan. While laal maas was prepared using game meat and Mathania chilli, jungli maas was associated with cooking game meat in the jungle with a bare minimum of ingredients. On the other hand, safed maas found its origin in royal kitchens and includes various exotic ingredients.

Likewise, Narangi Maas has a very interesting story to it. To start with, narangi stands for oranges and maas stands for meat – meaning this Rajasthani meat recipe is made with an infusion of freshly pressed orange juice. According to the Royal Family of H.H. Raja Digvijaya Singh of Sailana, this dish is fairly new compared to other Rajasthani meat recipes. The palace of Raja Digvijaya Singh had multiple orange trees bearing lots of fruits. To avoid wastage, the royal chefs started using these oranges in their recipes, giving birth to the very unique narangi maas.

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Narangi maas preparation at the Royal kitchen of Sailana
Photo Credit: Shubham Bhatnagar

How You Can Make Rajasthani Narangi Maas At Home:

Here, we will share the tips for making Narangi maas that we followed back home. We agree this is not the exact recipe from the Royal kitchen of the palace of Sailana, but the inspired dish is no less than splendour. Let us tell you, this recipe needs no prior marination and tastes the best when made in ghee.

Step 1. Heat ghee and oil in a large kadhai.

Step 2. Add ginger and garlic and saute well.

Step 3. When the raw smell of ginger and garlic is eliminated, add mutton pieces and fry well.

Step 4. To it, add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, cumin powder and cook everything.

Step 5. When the masala releases oil, add water and slow-cook the meat.

Step 6. Add whipped dahi and mix for flavour and glossiness in the meat.

Step 7. When the meat is boiled, add a good amount of freshly pressed orange juice and let it simmer.

Once done, transfer the narangi maas to a serving bowl, garnish with oranges and serve hot. You can enjoy narangi maas with traditional khoba roti or regular paratha, roti, naan, and even rice.

Try this delicious narangi maas with freshly pressed orange juice before winter ends. Do let us know how you liked it.

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