Mansory takes to the skies with Empower flying car concept

If flying cars ever glide their way into the mainstream, Mansory is ready to tune them. Known for giving luxury cars a polarizing makeover, the German tuner published renderings of a coupe fitted with an aggressive-looking body kit, a pair of small wings, and retractable wheels.

Mansory stresses that its Empower concept isn’t an accurate preview of an upcoming production model. It acknowledges that “no one can say for sure” what the car of the future will look like, and that regardless of whether it flies, floats, or travels underground, buyers will always want customization options. With that said, the brand hasn’t released technical specifications about the design study. It takes the form of a coupe with the basic proportions of a car powered by a mid-mounted engine and a handful of vaguely Lotus- and Bugatti-like styling cues.

The rest is pure Mansory. The concept features a front splitter, vents integrated into the hood, a roof-mounted scoop that flows into a fin, and a two-piece rear spoiler. Several little wings presumably keep the Empower stable when it’s flying, and there’s a huge diffuser out back. Most of these add-ons are made with carbon fiber. If you get tired of flying, you can deploy the four wheels to drive the Empower on the ground.

Would you want billionaires flying over you in a Mansory? Stay tuned: The brand describes the Empower as “a distant view of a possible future,” though “distant” is the key word in this sentence as the flying cars that we’ve been promised for the past few decades still aren’t close to becoming a common sight in the skies. On a more realistic and slightly less Batman-ish note, Mansory announced some of the cars it will tune in 2024: the Rolls-Royce Spectre, the Lamborghini Revuelto, and the Ferrari Purosangue all appear on the company’s program.

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