The Best Ice Scrapers To Keep In Your Car, According To Reviews

After shoveling your walkway, digging your car out from under snow feels about as fun as doing your taxes or going to the DMV. While you may never enjoy removing snow and ice from your car, having a solid snow brush or ice scraper makes the chore slightly less terrible.

Whether you live in a high snow area and need a full-on snow broom or you simply keep a tiny ice scraper in your glove box, there’s something here for you: These brushes range in size and functionality for all types of cars and cold weather. There are smaller, basic brushes that can easily fit in a compact’s backseat and expandable necks to reach the top of huge trucks and SUVs.

How much else is there to say about snow brushes and ice scrapers for your car? According to these reviewers, quite a lot, actually. From novel-length descriptions of the weather to personal anecdotes, these snow brush and scraper reviews cover all the bases. Shopping for an ice brush sounds about as sexy as a pile of half-melted dirt snow, but these reviews are performance art MoMA would envy. Check out some of the best options with incredible reviews below.

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