Aurra Bhatnagar Is Super Excited About Her Role In Anupamaa

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Last Updated: December 27, 2023, 19:11 IST

Anupamaa has undergone a major leap. (Image Credits: Instagram)

Aurra elaborated on her first interactions with Anupamaa’s lead couple Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna.

TV show Anupamaa starring Rupali Ganguly has undergone several changes after it took a leap. There have been a few additions in this popular drama series. According to the latest plot, Anupamaa has landed in America after Devika’s support, who made her join an Indian restaurant as a chef. Anuj Kapadia also stays in the country and has been running his business over the five years. Anuj is very close to his teenage daughter Choti Anu aka Aadhya played by Aurra Bhatnagar. Now, in a candid conversation with PinkVilla, Aurra has opened up on being a part of Anupamaa, her bond with Gaurav Khanna and more.

Aurra Bhatnagar On Meeting Rupali Ganguly For The First Time

Aurra elaborated on her first interactions with Anupamaa’s lead couple Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna. She added that she was star struck when she met Rupali Ganguly for the first time on the sets. “Well, when I first met Rupali Ma’am on the sets, I stood still and was starstruck for a while. I remember, my previous set was just opposite her set and I’d often see her and adore her. After a while, I went to her and told her that I was playing Aadhya. She instantly gave a nice reaction and met me warmly,” Aurra said.

Aurra On Her Bond With Gaurav Khanna

Speaking on her bond with her on-screen father Gaurav Khanna, Aurra said, “I met Gaurav sir during my mock-shoot and before we performed the scene we spoke a little about the names that we would call each other with. He told me that I could call him Pops while he said he would call me Kiddo. We already bonded on the first day of meeting which reflects on screen as well.”

Aurra On Aadhya’s Character And Look

Aurra further delved deep into Aadhya’s character and said that she is ‘fun-loving, goofy and also emotional’. “People will know more about her as the shoe progresses,” she added. Highlighting on her look in the show, Aurra said that Aadhya is today’s girl and she wears casual clothes. She also noted that Aadhya often keeps her hair open and that she loves the look.

The popular daily soap also stars Aashish Mehrotra, Adhik Mehta, Alpana Buch, Apara Mehta, Ashlesha Savant, Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, Madalsa Sharma, Nishi Saxena, Sudhanshu Pandey among others.

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