Ayesha Khan Faints in Bigg Boss 17 House, Rushed to the Hospital: Report

Last Updated: December 30, 2023, 11:19 IST

Ayesha Khan Faints in Bigg Boss 17 House

India Today in its report mentioned that on December 29, she was rushed to the hospital after she fainted inside the house.

Ayesha Khan has been in the headlines ever since she entered the reality show Bigg Boss 17. And now India Today in its report has claimed that Ayesha fainted inside the house and was rushed to the hospital. Well, nothing has been made official but the report says that she is currently stable.

India Today in its report mentioned that on December 29, she was rushed to the hospital after she fainted inside the house. She was asked to take some rest. The actor-model is now recuperating and back inside the house. The report further says that in the past week, Ayesha Khan was sitting with Munawar and Neil Bhatt in the garden area when she complained of uneasiness. The moment she stood up to walk towards the confession room, she fainted on the floor. Panicked housemates rushed to help her. Munawar rushed her to the medical room and stood outside waiting for her to return.

Well, Ayesha Khan’s entry as a wildcard contestant drastically altered Munawar Faruqui’s behaviour and game plan, focusing attention on their relationship. The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode witnessed Ayesha revealing the origins of her connection with Munawar, stirring up complications. A task saw Munawar in a courtroom setting, where he faced interrogation about his bond with Ayesha and accusations of insincerity. Ankita Lokhande acted as Munawar’s defender, opposing Vicky Jain. Amidst a heated debate, Ayesha was called upon to share her perspective, shedding light on her initial encounter with Munawar.

In a new promo, Salman Khan questioned Munawar and Ayesha about their relationship and yelled at both of them. In the promo shared on X, Munawar and Ayesha were seated together when Salman questioned them. “Ayesha, what is your intention of coming on the show?” Salman asked. Ayesha explained she wanted a public apology from Munawar. “Sir, I wanted an apology,” she said, leaving Salman questioning, “You wanted an apology on national television?” He added, “Fights happen between every couple but they don’t happen like this, on national television.” Addressing his work, Salman said, “You say many things in your stand up comedy acts but you are unable to speak here.”

Ayesha had made some serious allegations against Munawar and claimed that he was ‘double dating’ her.

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