Hilarious! Family Felicitates Girl Who “Finally Conquers The Art Of Making Gol Rotis”

Be it lunch or dinner, chapatis are a staple in Indian cuisine. But the struggle to prepare a perfectly round-shaped roti is real. Perfecting a round roti for someone new to cooking is nothing less than an achievement. We don’t know about you, but an engineer whose sister has recently learned to prepare round rotis totally agrees with us; so much so that he even shared a video of the entire moment. That’s not all. Making a round-shaped chapati was such a big deal for the family that they even felicitated the girl with a small trophy. Laughing already? Wait till you see the clip.
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The text on the hilarious video read, “Proud moment for our family.” It begins with his nervous sister praying in the kitchen, before rolling the roti. Finally, she makes a perfectly round chapati. It even puffed up when she cooked it directly on the flames. Next, the video shows her and her brother posing with her round chapati. The clip concluded by showing her family members handing over the trophy for her achievement. In the caption, he wrote, “When your sister finally conquers the art of making gol rotis… and the whole family becomes her biggest fans!”

The viral video received a lot of reactions in the comments section. It was flooded with laughing emoticons. A comment read, “That final award-giving awesome man…”
A few channelled their inner wit and asked the girl to not learn it because then she would be asked to make chapatis daily. A user wrote, “Mat kar bahan sahi hogya to har bar banana padega.”
Another commented, “She doesn’t need an Oscar, Oscar needs her.”
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A person jokingly said, “I’m nominating her for Bharat Ratna.”
“She deserves Padma Vibhushan,” said a user.
Apart from this, the comments section was filled with many claiming it to be a “proud moment”.
So far, the video has recorded almost 15 million views on Instagram.

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