How Barmer’s Virendra Dham Is Helping Economically Weak Students Follow Their Dreams

Virendra Dham has been built by Advocate Sunita Chaudhary.

Students are provided with free accommodation, food and coaching facilities here.

It is said that if any work is done with a selfless spirit, then it will undoubtedly succeed. Something similar is seen in Barmer, situated on the India-Pakistan border. Virendra Dham in Barmer is providing absolutely free accommodation and food facilities to the poor and needy students, who are preparing for tests and competitive exams. Virendra Dham has been built by Advocate Sunita Chaudhary, daughter of former Rajasthan minister Hemaram Chaudhary. He had given the land free of cost in the memory of his son, the late Dr Virendra. The first batch started last year. There were 170 students in the first batch of Virendra Dham. Of these, more than a dozen students have gotten government jobs in the first year itself. Economically weak students get admission here through examinations. These students are provided with free accommodation, food, and coaching facilities here.

Over 700 students participated in the entrance exam this month for the second batch and hope to get benefits from the free coaching, digital library, and expert guidance provided.

Kishan Singh Delu of Bisarnia, who was a student of the previous batch, praised Virendra Dham for offering an ideal study environment and contributing to his success in multiple teaching examinations. He said that he belongs to a middle-class family. He took admission to Virendra Dham in May 2023. He not only found a conducive setting for preparing for competitive tests but also got a digital library, contact with subject experts, and free coaching. As a result, Kishan completed the third and second class examinations in the teacher recruitment examination, and he recently passed the professor recruitment examination.

Kishan Singh said that the place established for the children of economically poor families is truly a place of success. Like him, more than a dozen children have gotten government jobs this year.

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