Joey Tribbianis 6 Funniest Food Moments From Friends That You Cant Miss!

The TV series ‘Friends’ may have become a classic with time, but it still seems to never get old. As a fan of the show who watches random episodes daily, I cannot believe it began in 1994, and the last episode aired in 2004. Many things come together to make this show timeless, one of the most integral being the lovable characters. Whether you agree or not, deep down, every one of us has that one favourite or relatable character, even if we like him/her just a little extra more than others.
If you are a foodie at heart, your most relatable or favourite character has got to be Joey Tribbiani. In the show, Joey might be the popular guy who gets all the ladies, but when made to choose between food and sex, Joey’s dilemma is evident. Let’s round up some of the goofiest and die-hard foodie moments of Joey Tribbiani in the show.


Here Are 6 Of The Best Joey Tribbiani Foodie Moments On The Show ‘Friends’:

1. “Joey Doesn’t Share Food”

This is one of the top dialogues associated with Joey, right along with his flirty “How you doin’?” The point of this dialogue is established in an episode when Joey goes on a date but is not interested in pursuing it further as the girl takes a French fry from his plate. That’s not allowed. Joey doesn’t share his food. However, he cannot help himself in front of a delicious dessert and ends up breaking his own rules by eating his date’s entire dessert.

2. The Joey Special

Every time you order two pizzas, you know it’s ‘The Joey Special.’ Joey loves all kinds of delicious foods, but pizza is probably his favourite. Once when Rachel hung up while ordering pizza, Joey said, “You hung up on the pizza place? I don’t hang up on your friends.”

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3. The Thanksgiving Episode

For Joey, eating food is not just love; it is a talent he boasts of. He tells Monica he can eat almost an entire turkey all by himself in one sitting. “Cause I’m a Tribbiani, and this is what we do! I mean, we may not be great thinkers or world leaders, we don’t read a lot or run very fast, but damn it, we can eat!” Not only does Joey manage to finish the entire turkey, but he also wants to eat a good piece of pie after that.

4. Giving Up Meat For Phoebe

Now, Joey may love food too much, but it may fall short when it comes to helping his friends. He decides to give up on meat during Phoebe’s pregnancy so that while she eats, no extra animal dies. Perhaps he does choose his friends over food.

5. Saving The Sandwich, Not Ross


It is in the episode when a car backfires, and Joey, Ross, and Chandler think it was the sound of a gunshot directed towards them. In a reflex, Joey jumps towards Ross’s side, and everyone thinks he tried to save his friend. In reality, Joey was trying to “save” his meatball sub from the gunshot.
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6. “Custard? Good! Jam? Good! Meat? Good!”

When Rachel makes the traditional English trifle, she messes up the recipe by putting beef sauteed with peas and onions in a layer. Ross says it “tastes like feet” while most people secretly throw it out. It is only Joey who truly loves this trifle. “What’s not to like? Custard? Good! Jam? Good! Meat? Good!”

Are you a foodie as big as Joey? Tell us in the comments. Happy eating!

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