Law Firms Really Have The Urge To Merge In 2024

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We do anticipate that 2024 [law firm] merger activity will be consistent with 2023. The interest in growth via merger continues to remain very, very high. I would even say it’s at an all-time high, in the 20-plus years I’ve been working with law firms.

— Kristin Stark, a law firm consultant and principal at Fairfax Associates, in comments given to the American Lawyer on the “appetite” for law firm mergers in 2024. “Mergers are a very common strategic objective,” she continued, “and as a result, while it’s hard to predict, given the interest level, it’s also hard to see an outcome where it’s at a lower level [than 2023].” Fairfax Associates counted 48 total law firm mergers in 2023, including five “large-firm” mergers (i.e., combinations between firms with 100+ lawyers each).

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