Meet Korean Croffle: The Delicious Marriage Between Croissants and Waffles (Recipe Inside)

Croffle is a new and trendy snack that is usually sweet and enjoyed for breakfast or as a complimentary snack with your evening coffee. As the name suggests, croffle is a hybrid — where the world of buttery, flaky croissants meets the world of crispy, toasted waffles. A croffle is essentially made by toasting an unbaked croissant in a waffle maker, and what you get, is a delicious croffle. Croffle is a popular snack served in South Korean cafes. If you cannot find this breakfast item at a cafe around your place, you can still enjoy it by making it at home. Read on to learn everything about the new world of croffles and how to make them at home.   
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What Does Croffle Taste Like? 

Croffles have a soft and chewy texture inside, with a crisp and crunchy texture outside. Just like croissants, these are flaky and buttery. Following the essence of waffles, they have just the right amount of sweetness. You can enjoy croffles as both sweet and savoury, by experimenting with a variety of toppings of your choice.  

Learn how to make croffles at home.
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Best Food Combinations With Croffle 

If you want your croffle sweet, you can top it up with maple syrup, fresh berries, caramel sauce, jam, chocolate sauce, or any other interesting topping of your choice. If you are looking for savoury notes, you can choose toppings like cheese, salami and fried egg. Croffles can be paired with other popular Korean-style drinks like bubble tea and Korean strawberry milk. 

Who Invented The Croffle? 

As per reports, the croffle was invented by Chef Louise Lennox, who developed it in collaboration with the Product and Innovation team at Cuisine de France. The recipe later went viral through its popularity in South Korean cafes. Want to try the croffle? Now you can make it at home! 
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How To Make A Croffle At Home | Croffle Recipe 

Making croffle is super easy, if you can get your hands on frozen unbaked mini croissants. Further, you will need a waffle iron. If you have this ingredient and equipment, then all you need to do is toast the unbaked croissants in the waffle maker. Enthusiastic bakers can also make a croissant from scratch. Here is the full recipe. Once done, the rest of the steps for making the croffle are the same. Click here for a full step-by-step recipe. 
Try this recipe and let us know in the comments if you like your waffles and croissants separate or combined in the form of a croffle. 

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