Morning Docket: 12.21.23

* Former Gibson attorney sentenced to 2 months for insider trading. Shoulda taught not leaving a paper trail in school. [Law360]

* It’s possible that team Trump isn’t sending their best. Or they are… which is more sad. [Politico]

* Best holiday decorations in UK Biglaw. Anyone want to start that contest over here? Let us know. [LegalCheek]

* SEC reworking rule after lawless federal judges blew up regulation and no one said “Fifth Circuit” but you all knew it was Fifth Circuit didn’t you? [Bloomberg Law News]

* Supreme Court poised to explain how the smartest slaveholders in history understood ozone pollution and knew it was no biggie. [Reuters]

* More litigation against AI for learning from published works. [New York Law Journal]

* Crime rate is lowest in like forever… and yet. [NBC News]

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