“She’s gonna kill me”: KL Rahul shares intriguing thoughts about wife Athiya Shetty while discussing his mindset on cricket field

As 2023 bid adieu, Indian cricket sensation KL Rahul reflected on a rollercoaster year marked by both triumphs and challenges. Despite facing a thigh injury early in the year during the IPL, Rahul demonstrated unwavering determination to overcome setbacks and make a triumphant return to the cricket field.

The injury setback during IPL 2023

Notably, Rahul’s journey took an unexpected turn when a thigh injury forced him out of the IPL in April 2023. Subsequently undergoing surgery in London, he missed significant international games, including the WTC 2021-23 Final. His return to the team for the Asia Cup was marred by another setback as a niggle sidelined him for the initial matches. However, Rahul’s resilience shone through, staging a remarkable comeback with 169 runs in four games.

ODI World Cup 2023 and Boxing Day Test brilliance

The stylish right-handed batter carried his momentum into the ODI World Cup, amassing an impressive 452 runs and showcasing his mettle. Despite India falling short of clinching the cup, Rahul’s stellar performances reinforced his stature in international cricket. Moreover, Rahul concluded the year on a high note with a sensational century against South Africa in Centurion’s Boxing Day Test, capping off 2023 in a stylish manner.

Athiya Shetty’s unwavering support to KL Rahul

Throughout Rahul’s tumultuous journey, one constant remained – the unwavering support of his loving wife, Athiya Shetty. It is worth mentioning that the Karnataka-born cricketer has consistently acknowledged Athiya’s role in his success, both on and off the field, ever since exchanging wedding vows with her on January 23, 2023 .

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Rahul’s reflection on the support from Athiya

In a recent interaction with Star Sports, Rahul reflected on his relationship with Athiya, emphasizing how her support contributed to his mental balance and overall well-being. He acknowledged Athiya’s role in challenging him to be better, both professionally and personally.

“So, if I’m peaceful if I’m in a very balanced state of mind, that helps me perform my best, and she knows that. That’s what she does for me in terms of Cricket and professionally and also for me as a person. I can be a little laid back, and a little too content at times. She does push me, she challenges me to be better or to push my boundaries a little bit, which also I feel with a person like me, is sometimes needed,” said Rahul.

“She is gonna kill me…”: Rahul’s intriguing revelation

However, amidst the expressions of love and gratitude, Rahul shared a surprising revelation about his mindset when he steps onto the cricket field. With a playful tone, he admitted that his wife may not approve of his perspective and might kill him but he doesn’t think about her or anyone else on the field as his focus is solely on the game. However, Rahul clarified that his remarks do not diminish the significance of his wife’s role in any way.

“She is gonna kill me but I don’t really think about her when I step onto the ground. It’s always cricket and I don’t mean this in a bad way or in any unromantic way. What she does do for me is, you know, she lets me, she gives me a lot of love and, and there’s a lot of peace,” revealed Rahul.

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