Sindhi Kadhi, Who? Have Sindhi Tomato Kadhi And Level Up Your Meal Experience

We love kadhi-chawal. Don’t we? A hearty mix of besan, yoghurt and some basic spices, kadhi makes for a wholesome meal when paired with a bowl of rice. But what fascinates us the most is its versatility. In India, you will find almost every region and food culture having its unique kadhi recipes, modified as per their palate, availability of ingredients and climate. One such popular variant is Sindhi Kadhi. But wait, this Sindhi dish also has sub-variants! Here we will talk about one such Sindhi Kadhi variation, referred to as Sindhi Tomato Kadhi. It is simple, tangy, colourful and makes for a perfect dish to elevate your meal experience.

Sindhi Kadhi Vs Sindhi Tomato Kadhi: Is There Any Difference Between The Two Dishes?

To put it simply, tomato kadhi is a type of Sindhi Kadhi with the inclusion of tomato puree in it. But if you look into the basics, there are multiple commonalities between the two. Due to their same Sindhi origin, both dishes include almost the same kind of masalas, ingredients (vegetables) and cooking techniques.

But what brings in the major difference is the use of a souring agent and the colour of the dish. While the classic Sindhi kadhi uses tamarind for the tanginess, the other completely relies on tomato puree. Hence, you will find the latter having a rich reddish colour in the dish.

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Sindhi Tomato Kadhi Recipe | How To Make Sindhi Tomato Kadhi:

You will find a range of tomato kadhi recipes on the internet, each having its unique modification to it. We got a super simple and authentic recipe that is shared by food vlogger Kanak Gurnani.

Start with making a tomato puree. Then heat oil and fry some vegetables of your choice. Next, add besan to the same pan and saute on low flame. To it, add jeera and hing and cook well.

Then add red chilli powder, tomato puree, turmeric and salt to taste. To it, add curry leaves, green chilli and water and prepare a kadhi. To it add vegetables, cook everything together and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves. Don’t forget to check the salt.

If you are adding okra to the dish, fry it well and add to the kadhi just before switching off the flame. Boiling the bhindi for long may change the texture of the dish.

Finally, serve the Sindhi tomato kadhi with hot rice and aloo tuk and enjoy a delicious meal.

Watch the detailed recipe for Sindhi Tomato Kadhi below:

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