Veer Kunwar Singh University To Revamp Library With New Books After 11 Years

In VKSU, the administration is going to purchase books after 11 years.

The newly bought books will benefit a major number of newly enrolled students, which is around 96,000.

Veer Kunwar Singh University, named after the renowned national hero and legendary freedom fighter, is set to enhance its library collection with new books. The addition of books is aligned with the new curriculum following the credit system at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This initiative is expected to benefit approximately 96 thousand newly enrolled students across various courses.

The decision to acquire new books for Veer Kunwar Singh University’s library is significant, marking the first such effort in 11 years. The move is aimed at improving the library’s resources to cater to the educational needs of students. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) will evaluate this initiative.

Currently, the central library at VKSU faces challenges as it primarily houses old books. The acquisition of new books is especially crucial as postgraduate courses were introduced in the university in 2018, and adequate resources were lacking.

Vice-Chancellor of VKSU, Professor Shailendra Kumar Chaturvedi, highlighted the importance of books as fundamental assets for any educational institution. He expressed that the new books, expected to be available in the central library by February 2024, will facilitate students’ research endeavours in their respective fields.

In 2012, the last major addition of books took place in VKSU’s central library, amounting to over a crore. However, this move led to a significant controversy, resulting in a scam investigation that reached the Bihar Legislative Council. Despite subsequent inquiry committees, the library’s condition did not witness notable improvements. The current initiative to purchase new books is aimed at addressing this and enhancing the overall state of the library.

Veer Kunwar Singh University, located in Arrah, Bihar, was established under the Bihar University Act 1976 on October 22, 1992. The institution plays a vital role in providing quality education to students, and the infusion of new books is a positive step toward supporting academic pursuits.

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