Watch: Patna Street Vendor Making Imarti In Unhygienic Way Angers The Internet

Street food holds a special place in the hearts of desi foodies. From chaat stalls to kebab corners, the streets come alive with an array of flavours. Whether you are enjoying the iconic vada pav in Maharashtra or indulging in golgappas in Delhi, every region has its own delicious street food treasures. While the flavours are irresistible, the open-air kitchens and makeshift stalls sometimes raise questions about hygiene practices. A video doing the rounds on Instagram shows a Patna vendor crafting “Dhobipachad Imarti.” Yes, you read that right. After watching the video, the internet could not help but raise questions about his unhygienic way of preparing the sweet dish.
The process starts by using hands to mix the batter, which reaches almost up to the vendor’s elbows. Following this, he proceeded to set up coals under a wok. As the imarti batter reached its perfect consistency, he placed portions onto a muslin-like cloth, creating the imarti shape by poking a hole and delicately putting it into the hot oil. A few flips later, the imartis transformed into a golden-brown hue. The final touch involved dipping them into sugar syrup and completing the sweet treat. Watch the video here:
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Viewers concerned about hygiene shared their suggestions in the comment section. One user suggested, “Can’t he wear plastic gloves? Like all the pani-puri bhaiyas do.” Another one added, “We might be able to taste the sweat in his hand.” “BYE-BYE to health, welcome diseases,” read a comment. An Instagrammer penned, “I will not eat it at all, and please don’t promote food like this; people judge the whole country by this.” While many users were criticising the vendor, a few supported him. A person wrote, “Now gloves are not worn in India for every work except by doctors. If you feel so bad, then eat at the mall and 5-star hotels. Indian street food will be available like this only.” “Don’t worry, the hot oil kills anything that came from his hand,” added another.

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